Monday, March 10, 2008


As everyone will see when the Previews catalog with June comics hits later this month, the final TRANSFORMERS storyline in Simon Furman's "-tion" saga will begin this summer. With it, we're doing something a little different--we're doing "The Revelations Saga" in four chapters, each presented as a TRANSFORMERS SPOTLIGHT. These four issues will feature a new character, folks like CYCLONUS, HARDHEAD and two others, and take place across the universe as the story Simon started in October 2005 has spread and grown into this huge epic.

E.J. Su will handle the covers for all four issues, and is slated to bookend the series, handling the first and last issue. Nick Roche will also provide covers for each issue, in a distinctive new style I'd show off right now if I had the images here at home. But maybe it's better to save those for a later reveal. For now, enjoy the sketch for E.J.'s four interlocking covers, as well as those of the first two issues. I joined the two together for you, too, since I'm nice like that.

Much more to come on this, as well as other upcoming TRANSFORMERS plans, but this is a good start to the week.


Anonymous said...

[insert happy expletives here] :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

More Spotlights - GOOD.
End of the current story arc - saddening.
Possiblities of the future - endless.

Anonymous said...

wow, totally awesome. love going on the leash, so many possibilities.
great work from the MAN EJ SU!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay. For many things. Including variation on the format. :)

So, do these four Spotlights comprise the entirety of Revelations, or do they lead into a Revelations mini "proper" as part of the ongoing?

Anonymous said...

I see Sunstreaker and Doubledealer in the sketch covers.

I really hope it all fits together and ties up current loose plot threads. I don't mind a story ending but not when it feels unfinished.

Anonymous said...

A very good start to the week!! Thank you sir. But it seems some of the natives are letting paranoia get the better of them, thinking this is the end TF comics. You'll know what I mean when you see the thread over in the forums. Craziness! There's just no winning with some people.

Anonymous said...

Wooo, Cyclonus to make IDW debut! Thats just made my evening, heh.

But I do hope this is a lead in to Revelations mini-series...or maybe its a lead in to the "proper" mini-series.

Possibly Expansion in winter? Pretty please? :D

Anonymous said...

Wow! The cover art looks absolutely, totally awesome! I really really like the style, not forgetting to mention the AMAZING colouring here. Really like the alternate covers as well.. I'm going to be most indecisive at the shop when these come out!

Revelations will be appearing as a spotlight series you say? VERY interesting! In the past the spotlights have all seem to have been 5 issue runs, how come there will only be four this time around?

Now we know that the spotlights will be Cyclonus, Hardhead, Doubledealer and Sideswipe - I'm very intrigued by your mentioning of this new character, just to clarify, is this someone not seen so far that we already know, or an ENTIRELY new character created for the saga?

I'm sure you'll let us know, or tease us further in the future.. anyway.. Just to say, I think that the IDW team is doing very great things with the new Universe Simon has created, and I for one am very glad of the completely different track things are going.. keeping everyone on the edge of their seat not having the foggiest as to where this is all going to lead! VERY WELL DONE CHAPS!

Also, as a final note, are these connected covers ever going to be available as whole pictures? Possibly for background images? They are just far too awesome not to be available as whole finished pieces, without logos and all the rest?

Once again, thank you and keep up the great work!

Mr. Supervisor

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