Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Another Revelation or two

You've seen what E.J. is doing with these new TRANSFORMERS Spotlight issues, so now how about a first look at Nick Roche's variant covers for the first two issues. As you can see by the first two, CYCLONUS and HARDHEAD, Nick's trying something a bit different with these covers.. Now if only we could get a straight-to-DVD movie of this entire saga done in a similar style...


Anonymous said...


More Spotlights = GOOD!
Revelations = INTERESTING!

Hardhead, Cyclonus, DoubleDealer, Sideswipe.... NEW characters = alwasy good.

Anonymous said...

I like this style, but I'm not certain that I like it more than Nick's older work. It feels like he's trying to have it look like his art is being merged with Samurai Jack and TF: Animated. Hardhead is the better of the two, but i think that's because the Cyclonus piuc looks like its colours are washed out on my monitor.

James said...

These remind me a bit too much of the TF animated series, and those characters look bad.

That said, I think E.J. Su has set the bar so high that most other TF artists are a little disappointing to me.

Feikki said...

As covers they're incredibly beautiful! I wouldn't propably like to read too many comics with art like this. Mini-series or one-shots would be nice!

Andy said...


Please make sure that nobody other than Nick gets to draw Cyclonus ever again.


Anonymous said...


Cyclonus is a BADASS! But I notice he has a Decepticon insignia...does that mean he isn't from the Dead Universe? said...

Wow, Nick Roche's art here is pretty much rockin' my face off here. Way to go IDW... Different direction is right; it's Transformers meets Samurai Jack. So the real question is, "When are you going to announce that Nick Roche (and/or Alex Milne) will be (co)drawing an IDW original TF: Animated series?"

Anonymous said...

awesome covers from Nick. he's always doing great work and that Hardhead is the best eva!!!