Saturday, March 15, 2008

30 Days of Ry

I was flipping through the extras on the 30 DAYS OF NIGHT DVD today and happened upon a little clip of myself there. It was during the "Stunts" featurette, the bit about the tractor running through the front of the hotel. Of course, I sound like a bit of a rube in the little quote I have on there, but still, that was an unexpected, fun thing to see. I shot another segment that ran at the Ghosthouse Web site during the film's production and haven't seen if that made it onto any part of the extras yet, but at least now my trip to New Zealand to attend the film's shoot is officially represented on the DVD...


GR said...

Ryall as Josh Hartnett?? (compare the picture and the DVD cover)
I guess as a stunt for the FAR shots...?

Pretty cool!

Anonymous said...

Didn't know it was shot in New Zealand!! It must be nice to see yourself on a mass-market dvd, even if it's only in the extra features :P

Anonymous said...


I watched this last night and just saw this entry today and was gonna write. I always get a smile out of seeing Earth's Best Facial Hair, even if it wasn't in person. Congrats, dude. :-)

Marc Mason

Anonymous said...

You're a star! I'm going back to watch the special features for you again. I must have blinked :)