Monday, February 1, 2010

Wrecking ball

TRANSFORMERS: LAST STAND OF THE WRECKERS made its debut last week, and was a first-week sell-out. Which is great to see this level of support on our third new TRANSFORMERS title. Or it's a testament to Nick Roche's fan following. Or both. Either way, it's appreciated. And it's led to this second printing, which is on its way:

And a bonus piece of fan art from James Biggie, too:


dominika said...

cool blogspot :)
great ... :)
look to us


Nick said...

Oh HELL Yeah! If our book achieves nothing, it's at least caused this tasty image to be created. James, that's magic! Thanks for posting this, Chris!

James M. Biggie said...

Whoa, just noticed this!

Thanks again Chris (and also to you, Mr. Nick)! Does this make me the official IDW mascot now or what? :)


Anonymous said...

it did sell so good because fans have had enough of the same earth stories with the same cast. tf universe is huge and we should leave earth and explore other cosmic conflicts with many other bots than bbb, prowl, jazz ...

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