Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Transformers: that's a wrap

This will likely get people talking -- since pretty much anything from Don Figueroa lately gets people talking. This is Don's wraparound cover for THE TRANSFORMERS #6, with colors by James Brown.


Hasief said...

Sweet, especially if you open both pieces in different browser tabs and go back and forth. Love that touch with Sideswipe swinging on the cable hanging from Menasor's arm.

Marc Deering said...

GLAD he inks himself! :)

Chris said...

new desktop background....done. love how Prime is duel-wielding. awesome firepower. great cover. cant wait for this issue. keep up the good work don and costa.

mario said...

James has come a long way since coloring X!NK, don't you J? :)

lonegamer7 said...


Anonymous said...

Sigh. Don does such good work. The faces are mostly hard to see here, which tones down the negative. The beady pin-point eyes are terrible, as are the the non-TF-looking faces. They get people talking, but they don't get me buying. Please, Don... everything's great but the faces, and that's the most important part.

Groundsplitter said...

Wraparound cover? When I saw that IDW's own solicitations listed Figueroa as doing two connecting covers for Ongoing #6, I assumed that this image was the combo of cover A and cover B. But now you're saying that this is a wraparound. Does that mean that there is even more to this image, or are the solicitations mistaken?

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