Thursday, February 25, 2010

Once more, into the Transforming fray

For some reason, whenever I post anything Transformers-related here, it seems to incite people, leading to some heated discussions. I'm not saying this like it's bad, because I welcome it, and I like that people care enough about what we're doing and about these characters to be so vehement in their opinions. But this time around, I'm here to run what seems like pretty universal praise for TRANSFORMERS #4, at least if these four threads speak for most readers. You're welcome to post dissenting opinions or anything else, but at least for this issue, we do seem to be winning some of you over. Always nice to see that.

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Jon said...

I haven't had a chance to pick up the issue yet, but based on what I'm hearing, I'm looking forward to it.

I'm hoping that in a few months the worst I'll have to say about Costa's series is that it was a bit of a slow start.

Anonymous said...

Chris and crew,

Nicely done. I enjoyed the look into Thundercrackers' POV, the snake that is Swindle in Hot..I mean Rodimus Primes' Eden.

I'll admit I was a bit miffed at the difference between the -ations, AHM, and ongoing; mostly with the art, but also the changes from the estabilished story thus far; but I like the direction this seems to be headed.

One question, which I'm sure has been touched on before; Are there any plans for some of the less known/portrayed G1 characters to see some spotlight? I refer to Punch/Counterpunch, the Ultra Pretenders, the 1986 mini-bots (minus Wheelie), or the Omnibots.
All of whom I feel have great opportunity to add to the TF storyline.


Chris Ryall said...

Hey, Anonymous, I can say that without a doubt, you'll be seeing at least one of the groups you mentioned in upcoming issues...

Luke said...

Hi Chris,

love reading the whole thread in the previous post, and really glad you keep posting Transformers new items here.

Really can't wait to read #4, it SOUNDS AWESOME!!!


Rachel said...

I'm not buying the Ongoing but I did pick up a copy and had a quick browse through the Thundercracker part while waiting for the shop guy to dig out my Wreckers. I have to say that it's the first bit of characterization that I've really liked in this series. It certainly made me think twice, although there's a way to go before I would actually pick it up (the art's the biggest roadblock for me there). It was nice to see some good Decepticon characterization work with one of the only Cons I have any leaning toward.

DanielW said...

Best description of this I read online is "Spotlight: Thundercracker" I object to this on one ground only - this may preclude an actual Spotlight: Thundercracker :D

I'm loving how the character growth of TC is so clearly there for you to see, but we're not bludgeoned with "see, the character has grown!!" as we might have with other companies.

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed every issue fully but this one, tops it off so far. Great job and props to all involved! This is the kind of story I've been waiting for years for.

Detour said...

From what I hear, it's a very interesting character piece...

Which makes me think maybe Mike Costa should stick to writing Spotlights and the likes, because while he can apparently do good characters (I'll reserve final judgement for when I actually read this issue), his character dynamic blows and the first three issues of the comic hard to get through.

And Cobra. I know I'm in the minority but Cobra was an utter bore. Blaylock did Chuckles much better in Devil's Due and Costa's decision to have Jinx not be Jinx, then kill Jinx, then bring in Chameleon, then have Chameleon ACT LIKE NINJA JINX, is an incredibly stupid decision.

But I digress, this is Transformers.

So I'll finish with this:
Can you kick Figueroa off the book so Transformers can start emoting again? I'm getting tired of them sneering at me constantly.

Anonymous said...

Actually, can we leave the current creative team intact please, because even though there are some people with strong negative opinions, there are some of us who are enjoying it.

Web said...

I may be fussy and cranky about art (esp. covers-I'll travel all over to get the cover I want) and the condition of my comics-- but I've overall been impressed with Ongoing. The only issue I have is the mouths... and that's such a minor thing! Loved the old-style of Wildman's cover though. The writing is still fantastic, the lines and colours are great... a bit on the slow side, but the story is pulled to a point between Ongoing and the Bee mini etc. I dunno, I wish they were 200 pages long an issue-- but I must think of the artists' hands! =P

I'll stop babbling now... lol!