Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Another so-far-unannounced ANGEL-related project in the works and worth showing now, ahead of any official word. This one obviously stars Spike and is being drawn by Chris Cross, with inks by Marc Deering:


anca said...

Wow, who's that lady dragging Spike through bars and when/where can we meet them?

I think we saw some headshots on Mr Deering's DevianArt page. His vamp!Spike was pretty scary.

Fender said...

Dear Spike, don't get drunk and go into parking garages with strange women. Chances are you're not going to like the outcome. Don't you watch Dateline?

Anonymous said...

I will be really madd, if they get Spike into the comics, and there isn't some form of Buffy and Spike getting back together. They deserve that, after all they've been through. Not that I don't like Angel, but really, I need that shoutout to happen lol

Melinda said...

I'd rather she get back with Angel myself. I want her to know Spike's alive, though.

Veiriti said...

Anca, Spike probably has drunk a junkie's blood again. Maybe that woman with him is a drug addict, who knows! LOL
Anonymous,I'd love to see a Buffy-Spike reunion - I love Spuffy, they are the best couple ever, their relationship made me a big fan of Joss and the show, but I doubt that the damn creators of Buffy S 8 will get back them together again... So I have done with Buffy - her possible reunion with Angel totally disappointed me. I'm a Spike fan after all so I'm looking forward the Spike's comics.

Matt said...

Question for you Chris.

John Byrne announced previously he was doing a Spike mini in the near future.

Will this effect the schedule of when that series will be released?

Kaz said...

I'm usually all in favour of projects starring Spike and IDW have done wonders with the character in general. Still, I'm not sure what to make of this page. I've got to admit, my initial reaction is a negative one. Sorry !

Chris Ryall said...

>John Byrne announced previously he was doing a Spike mini in the near future.

Will this effect the schedule of when that series will be released?

Nope; that's being kicked around as a late-2010 book, once John's schedule frees up a bit from all his Star Trek projects. But it won't be affected by anything else we're doing in the Angel/Spike world.

Matt said...

Thanks very much for the answer Chris.

John announced today that a second Assignment Earth mini will be coming out this year as well. Looks like a great 2010.

Tibi said...

*Stalks Mr.Deering*

so many artists to follow :D

Spike flav'd anytihng makes me happy

Anonymous said...

I agree with the whole Buffy getting back together with Spike thing because they are just so cute! And its not like no one else around there hates him, I mean Dawn loves him! So they would fit in just fine, and there could be one good thing in their entire messes of life

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