Monday, February 15, 2010

Making comics with James Patterson

The USA Today news went live a few hours earlier than expected, but here it is: the announcement that we've partnered with the best-selling author in the world, James Patterson to create comics based on his books as well as some all-new properties being created expressly for comics.

Other details to come--along with some good visuals like Darwyn Cooke's covers for the TUT adaptation, Victor Santos' great pages for WITCH & WIZARD, Christopher Mitten's first IDW work on TUT, and much more. But for now, I'll show the same two covers in the USA Today piece. First is J.K. Woodward's homage to the W&W novel:

And then the variant cover for THE MURDER OF KING TUT. This one's a sort of jam cover, with the top half featuring Howard Carter illustrated by Ron Randall, and the bottom "Tut" half illustrated by Christopher Mitten (which is how the art is being handled in the series itself, too):