Thursday, February 4, 2010

Close Encounter of the PSP Kind

GROOM LAKE #1 and #2, both featuring audio commentary from Ben Templesmith and I, went live at the Sony PSP store today. It was a blast recording the commentary with Ben, and it's safe to say our conversation takes some interesting and unexpected turns.

I'll be recording commentary for WEEKLY WORLD NEWS this week, and doing so for LOCKE & KEY with Joe Hill and, if we can all coordinate the time across various parts of the world, Gabriel Rodriguez, too. This is a very fun feature exclusive to the PSP comics. Hopefully it's as fun to listen to as it is to record.


Paul Convery said...

After having my first taste of Ben Templesmith's Wormwood plus audio commentary on my PSP I wasn't going to pass up the chance for more when it came to Groom Lake.

Bought, downloaded and finished reading/listening to the first two issues lastnight, and you two did a fantastic job with the audio commentary. The commentary is very revealing, though perhaps more revealing about yourself and Ben and I'm not sure hearing the inner workings of Ben's mind is a good thing lol. Really adds to the comic itself though, which is rather good anyway!

Very glad to hear your planning to do more and that IDW are pushing forward with the extra features on the PSN Digital Comics. Can tell you that just audio commentary already has me sold on checking out those other titles when they hit the PSN Comics Store :)

Rich Dannys said...

Hello Chris!

After waiting almost 5 months for my book.. I just got word today from '' that they couldn't tell me when my copy of the 'Deluxe ROCKETEER Edition' would be available. I've been relegated to the "on backorder" list!

I ordered it from them, thinking it'd be the most "fail-safe" method of getting a copy of the book. Boy, am I dissatisfied with them!! An October 2009 order placed on "backorder"?!

I've heard a rumour that more copies are being made available to them, soon.. Any word on when I could expect to get a copy of the book?
I'm a BIG Dave Stevens fan, as you'll be able to tell from a couple postings on my Blog..

Anonymous said...

Is the commentary only for the PSP version? Or itunes too?

Also, just that Locke and Key got picked up by Orci and Kurtzman to do the film version! Awesome news and congrats to IDW and Hill & Rodriguez for their work on it.

- - -Bassbot

DanielW said...

hang on, you can get comics on the PSP?

Well that's it for me - I'm getting one of them.

Chris Ryall said...

Hey, Rich-
A crate of Dexluxe Rocketeer is getting back into the pipeline after being delayed in shipping. But the lag in shipping from Korea means that by the time they're at Diamond and back into the system, it'll be March 10 when they finally get into stores.

And Bassbot, right now only the PSP offers the functionality for audio commentary with the comics.

(Also, Paul, glad you like! I'm recording Weekly World News commentary today, and doing Locke & Key commentary with Joe Hill this coming week, too.)

Luke H. said...

The audio commentaries sound awesome! Glad you guys are doing these and I hope the other platforms get the capability soon to handle them as well (I don't have a PSP). How long are the average commentaries coming out Chris? (length of running time I mean).

Chris Ryall said...

There's no set length, Luke--basically, we just pick points we want to talk about and go through them one at a time. So you can listen and still read at your own pace. Maybe just 10 minutes of talk per issue or thereabouts.

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