Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Clive on Seduth

MTV Splashpage talked to creator Clive Barker about his upcoming 3-D one-shot, SEDUTH (out in mid-October). In the ad-free issue that comes which 3-D glasses, in addition to the 24-page story, it features 10 pages of Clive's sketches and initial notes about the story, one of which is shown below. The art above is by Gabriel Rodriguez on lead guitar, Jay Fotos on bass and Ray Zone on 3-D drums.
Barker also made it clear that "Seduth" wouldn't be a one-off, but rather the first of what he plans to be number of comic projects, recognizing now more than ever how passionate he's remained about the medium.

The full piece is here.

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Tony Solomun said...

Awesome,and the thing is,in the interview,Clive said that this is only the first of many comics by him,
how terrific is that ?

all the best,