Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Breathed of fresh air

The first volume of our COMPLETE BLOOM COUNTY, VOLUME 1 comes out the first week of October. And in a nice confluence of events, that's the same time as the Long Beach Comic Convention. The best part of these things happening at the same time? BLOOM creator Berkeley Breathed has agreed to appear at the con that weekend. The first time he's ever appeared at a comic convention. Ever. So this one will be something special.

Details on Berkeley appearance can be found here. Tom Jane is another big name appearing at the show. Which could be trouble, since the last time he and I were at a con in Long Beach, the Wizard show from a few years ago, we shared a bottle of French absynthe (along with half the bar), making for a long morning the next day...

Incidentally, Tom will be there with Tim Bradstreet, both of whom were a big part of our SHOCK FESTIVAL book, which will also be on display at the show.

Stay tuned for specific news about Berkeley's appearance and what he'll be doing (and possibly giving away) at the show, too.

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