Monday, February 22, 2010

The Devil You Know

One of the new series you'll see in Previews this Wednesday is a new Spike miniseries called SPIKE: THE DEVIL YOU KNOW. It's written by Bill Williams, who's handling the "Eddie Hope" back-up strips in ANGEL now, with art by Chris Cross. I previously showed a couple of Cross' pages here, and below is another one, along with cover artist Franco Urru's first cover image for the series.


anca said...

Lovely cover, looks even better colored!

Eddie&Spike are prepared for mayhem and destruction, just be careful with the fun of it, boys!

Veiriti said...

It looks pretty good! But I have to say I don't like how Spike is written by Willingham on Angel series. In the issue 30 he was totally out of his character. Spike is a complex and so deep character – so I love him so much, but Willingham is writing him as a shallow womanizer, who is fighting as an idiot who has lost his head... that's ridiculous. Spike always was a very loyal, romantic and faithful man – he was faithful to Dru and loved her about 100 years. He started his relationship with Harmony when Dru kicked him out. He had a sex with Anya when Buffy kicked him out and he was so confused by that unfaithfulness to Buffy and he tried to apologies for it. And when he earned his soul he refused to sleep with Anya when she offered herself to him, because he wanted to be faithful to Buffy... Well, I'm not saying he's acting as a monk or something like that – he's a man after all – a hot man who loves sex, so I can explain his attempt to have sex with Harmony after they made him corporeal – that was only a primary man desire – the poor guy hadn't sex about a year... ;) But to roiling his eyes toward every woman and to make constantly these stupid and shallow sexual comments are absolutely out of his character!
I'm a huge fan of Spike, so please don't make me to stop buying the comics with Spike, because of the lack of his original character... Well, I'm waiting for these miniseries and I hope I wouldn't be disappointed by them...
And what's going on with Brian Lynch Spike's series? I can't wait for them! Sorry but I have a faith only in Brian – After Joss Whedon only he's making the Spike's character authentic!

Veiriti said...

Sorry, I made a stupid mistake with the name of Mr. Bill Williams and I'd like to apologize for it!
And I'd like to add – I love Franco Urru's art! :)

elainecleo said...

I wish they would draw Spike to look more like James. I don't see any point in buying Spike comics if I can't enjoy looking at my favorite vampire.

Scarlet Ibis said...

I concur with Elainecleo--

That isn't Spike. That's just some dude with blond hair and a leather coat.

And I haven't been following the comics as of late (though I intended to), but if an iota of what Veiriti has said is true, well, then I'm not sure I want to now :/

Anonymous said...

What does it say on his shirt?

Unknown said...

Two separate guys, Veiriti.

Bill Willingham (of Fables fame) is writing Angel right now.

Bill Williams (who wrote Heroic Tales from his own Lone Star Press and some Justice League Unlimited at DC, among others) is writing the Eddie Hope back ups and this upcoming mini.

Veiriti said...

Yep, I know Paul D. Storrie! ;) But I was thinking that I've made a mistake when I've mentioned Willingham's name for the second time, but now I'm seeing I didn't. ;) Yeah, the names of these guys are a bit similar. ;) Sorry but I haven't a possibility to get their other comics - they don't sell these comics here in my country and I'm buying them by ebay or amazon. So I'm buying only Spike's and Angel's comics (with Spike).
I know that Williams is writing Eddy Hope's arch and I love that character. I hope he will write the Spike's character well and I wish him a luck with the new mini-series. My comment was about Bill Willingham who is writing the new Angel's comics series. Actually it's hardly to name the comics "Angel"... Angel's character (who's my second favorite character after Spike) is not written well too and he is almost missing in these series. Willingham's series are mostly about Connor... the other characters are on background, including the main character - Angel... sorry, but Connor never was my favorite character and I really disliked him on Angel season 4. I've started to like this character on Brian Lynch's ATF series, I loved his uncle/nephew relationship between Spike and Connor and the relationship with his father... unfortunately these relationships are missing in the new series and Connor is the same selfish and annoying boy what he was on season 4.
I hope the author will fix that and will make the characters more authentic.
Btw – the art of Brian Denham is awesome – maybe only the art is still keeping me on the series.