Monday, February 15, 2010

The Joe Hill Horns-book

(with apologies to Harlan Ellison for the paraphrased blog title)

Joe Hill's got a nice hat-trick of releases this week, starting today with the release of his second novel, HORNS. Joe's also got a story in a new anthology edited by Christopher Golden, also in stores today. And the third issue of LOCKE & KEY: CROWN OF SHADOWS is out this week, too. At least, it is on the west coast. There was a horrific accident involving the truck transporting all of IDW's February 17 releases to the northeast, so shops in that region won't see most of our 2/17 comics until Feb. 24 (the TPBs and HCs) or March 1 (the monthly comics).

This issue of CROWN has a five-page excerpt of HORNS in the back, too, for anyone who'd like to take a look before grabbing the novel itself (page one should be enough to hook you). And since the book is out this week and now the comic will be delayed for some of you, I thought I'd give you page one of the HORNS preview here. (The illustration on the page is by Gabriel Rodriguez.)

And let's not forget about the comic itself: here're the final covers of LOCKE & KEY: CROWN OF SHADOWS #3:

Some of the links above take you to various blog entries at Joe Hill's site, but check for more, including a good playlist that fits the subject matter of HORNS nicely. And keep an eye out for this guy signing books at a bookshop near you soon:


Bassbot said...

was everything ok with the people delivering the comics, Chris? I'm sure it's "Horrific" for those waiting for comics, but I hope all involved in the accident are ok!

Chris Ryall said...

Thanks for asking about them. Decidedly not okay for the drivers, actually, but we're all really hoping they pull through this.

The Art of JK Woodward said...

Bergen Street Comics(Brooklyn) remarked on the abscence of all the non-Marvel/DC books this week. They cited IDW among others, as an example. I'll have to send them this link and set them straight(about IDW anyway). or does this explain the abscence of companies like Dynamite, etc. as well.

Chris Ryall said...

I don't know about other companies' books. It would stand to reason that there were a lot more than just IDW books on the tractor-trailer, but the other publishers would have to confirm this.

Anonymous said...

I've seen Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft Special Edition for preorder on amazon. The extras seem to be the scipt for issue 1 and the IDW 10-years story. But is it perhaps oversized as well? That would make me buy it, even if I've got the regular HC.


Chris Ryall said...

Hey, Bovy--

We killed that edition, actually. But there'll be oversize editions of this series at some point in the future.