Monday, December 22, 2008

Saturday Evening Ghost and other holiday wishes

Cover artist supreme Nick Runge (currently working away on covers for ANGEL 18-22) sent along this Norman Rockwell-inspired piece of a guy Ebenezer really should've called that Christmas Eve night. Would've helped him sleep much better.

Next up is an image of Mrs. Claus (no wonder Santa only works one day a year) from DOCTOR WHO artist Stefano Martino:

GUN FU writer/inker Howard Shum, who once paired up with his FU artist Joey Mason and did a great anniversary piece for me and the then-girlfriend/now-wife, sent along this:

Finally, game designer American McGee and his SpicyHorse design company, let everyone know a bit more of what sensibilities will be applied to our upcoming AMERICAN McGEE'S GRIMM comic:

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Anonymous said...

that last one just killed the holidays for me...:)