Monday, December 1, 2008

To Boot or Not to Boot

So Newsarama's Blog@ site changed hands today, and new showrunner Troy Brownfield asked me to become a periodic contributor. In a moment of turkey-fueled weakness over the Thanksgiving weekend, I agreed to add even more work to an already untenable schedule. But the first blog posting is now done and live: "To Boot or Not to Boot, Part 1". Subsequent installments should roll out monthly, at least until the talkback section there scares me away for good...


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed that! I started reading IDW books (and comic books in general, really) for the Angel tites, although I've now gotten into other series. Your summary of "rabid fanbase reactions" was totally on the nose, insightful, and quite funny. I hope you keep writing these, regardless of Newsarama talk-back.

Anonymous said...

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