Monday, December 15, 2008

Risen Angel

Issue 33 of our current FALLEN ANGEL series is the final issue... but only for now. The character will return in a new series this summer, but until then, here's an image to tide everyone over. The art is by ANGEL mainstay Franco Urru and colorist Fabio Mantovani, and as you can see, Illyira will play a part in the new series, too. Series creator PAD and artist JK Woodward will both be back for more when the book returns.


Anonymous said...

How many issues will Illyria be in?

And, thats an awesome idea. kudos

PatShand said...

So, so glad to see more Urru work. I recognized his style right away, he's a force of nature.

Anonymous said...

that is awesome to hear,
Fallen Angel is a fine Indy comic,
although I would've liked the comic to reach #50,
still is good to have more of the book,

ryan marshall said...

#34-36 i hear.. since time goes slower in Bete Noire, they can getaway with this being set post-Timebomb.

Anonymous said...

I love a blue-haired chick in flares.

Anonymous said...

I would buy this just for Urru's cover (I love his art, and it's great to see him working on other titles. If Urru wants to keep doing comics, IDW really has a treasure with his work. Maybe some Fallen Angel story-art down the line?) I also thought, when I first saw the cover, "Gosh, that looks a lot like something Urru would draw." Neat.

But I'm also looking forward to the story, of course!