Sunday, November 16, 2008

Optimus Prime in 3-D

Our first-ever 3-D comic comes out this week. While the effect doesn't quite work so well here without the glasses that come with the comic, you can still get a sense of things (especially if you've got a pair of the glasses at home). Effects by 3-D whiz Ray Zone:

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Anonymous said...

I just remembered that the Target TF mead notebook my wife bought me for school had a pair of 3D glasses / 'robovision decoder' attached to it. So I punched them out of the notebook's cover and then gave the preview pages you posted a little looksee. Very nice! I especially like the 3-D effect on the succession of Primes. I'll be picking this bad boy up on Wednesday. Damn you Ryall, you crafty businessman, you. You've managed to find a way to get me to buy Spotlight Optimus 3 times! (the original release, as part of the Spotlight Vol 2 trade, and now the 3-D edition) You're like the George Lucas of TF comics. :)