Monday, November 3, 2008

Hef is my ROLE MODEL

I recently wrote a comic called, uh, "The Adventures of Boobywatcher" (write what you know, as they say) for the movie ROLE MODELS (opening this Friday). It's the story of a kid who watches, well, I think that should be evident. It's a fun little thing "told" by the kid himself, so it was fun to channel a pervy 10-year-old for this (it was easier than it should've been, actually). The comic, a little 8-pager written by me and featuring art by Martheus Wade and colors by Jon Alderink, is up at the movie's site right now, right here.*

So that's now two things form my childhood, reading comics and watching boobs, that have paid off in my adult life...


Anonymous said...

that is good work there Chris,
seems you had lots of fun doing that webcomic, :)
the dialog is flawless and story is most of all funny,as it should be,


Anonymous said...

i'm just wondering what else you've got from your childhood to get out there in comic form...


Anonymous said...

Chris, I've absolutely LOVED this!! xD

Huh, could be that I really feel identified with that kid, man I was exactly like that xD

Congrats, nice job ;)