Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rocketeering at Entertainment Weekly

Tomorrow's ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY magazine has a nice review of our new ROCKETEER collection. Ken Tucker at EW gave the book an "A." The review can also be found online here.


Brian Lynch said...

Well deserved, it's beautiful.

GR said...

Rocketeer Rocks!!!
And IDW did such a BEAUTIFUL book with this stuff....

Very Fine / Near Mint said...

Congrats, and ohhhhhhh man, do I have a story about the DELUXE edition:

- I actually anticipated the Deluxe edition selling out, so I'd pre-ordered it from Amazon, to secure my copy.

- I even blogged about it (in advance) on, encouraging fans to order!

- My Deluxe copy shipped from Amazon...and then vaporized. Lost in the mail, first time it's ever happened to me. Confirmed by Amazon that it was lost in the mail (tracking turned up zilch)...usually what they do is send out a replacement copy. But as we know, the thing is gone, gone, gone, none available to replace it with!

I've been looking at pics of the book posted on the web, and have been weeping. Hopefully it'll go back to press, with all the piled up back orders(?)

But hey, congrats again on the coverage in EW, I did see it in today's issue!


Chris Ryall said...

Sorry to hear that, VF/NM. But more copies are on their way, so you'll be able to get your hands on it.

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