Friday, January 8, 2010

He definitely isn't Twilight


Anonymous said...

"He definitely isn't Twilight."


anca said...

To be honest, I hope he will kill Twilight!

Anonymous said...

He is Twilight!

Sla said...

This kinda crossover between Dark Horse and IDW it's awesome, you might think abou this stuff.

Love "Twilight", love Angel and of course, love Spike!!! can't wait for his new adventures =)

Anonymous said...

Just so damn happy to see Spike back, however it plays out. Hell yeah!

zriza said...

It's about time !!! The announcment about a new Spike series was ages ago. Looking forward to Spike's new adventures :)

BTW - what happened to the Star Trek movies omnibus ???

Skytteflickan88 said...

Thank God he isn't.

This is for the new Spike series, isn't it, not another series?

Veiriti said...

OH, GOD!!! I can't wait for!!! You really made my day with it!! Thank you! WOW SPIKE!!! He's my bloody champion!! Yep, whoever Twilight is Spike will kill him! Spike is the best!!! My favorite hero ever!!!
I was so sad to see the Bangel kiss and Angel as Twilight!That's wrong! I love Angel as a champion, I don't want to see him evil again! And I'm definitely not a Bangel fan! :))
And I'd like to thank you to you mr. Ryall, to Brian Lynch and to all team of IDW for doing these awesome comics about Spike and Angel!
And I wish that spikehater Scott Allie and his entire Dark Horse team to go straight to hell! LOL

Skytteflickan88 said...

I was with you veiriti up until that last comment. You want people to go be tortured for eternity because they don't have puppy dog love for your favorite character? A little harsh.

angeliclestat said...

Heh heh:)

Man I really think the whole *Ahem* as Twilight (just in case people havnt seen it yet!) is crazy...but have decided to not jump the gun and I'm sure it will make sense.



I hope...

Buffyversefantic said...

It's amazing how fast Franco Urru did this piece.Very fun nod to the big news in the verse the last day.

angeliclestat,you know me.I am a B/Aer and I'm freaked out on the issue 34 reveal but I can't wait to see how things pan out and connect to the Angel line of books at IDW.I did ofcourse love both issue 34 covers especially the Jo Chen one.As a B/Aer,i enjoyed seeing the kiss on the Jeanty one.For the record though,what's on the covers isn't actually in the issue.The Jeanty cover is a homage to a Superman cover and the Chen cover is an artistic portrait like all her covers.

Veiriti,that's a bit harsh.Wishing Scott Allie and Dark Horse to go to hell due to perceived opinions?And Allie isn't even a Spike hater.

Veiriti said...

Skytteflickan88 and Buffyfanatic.
Yeah, maybe I was a bit harsh, but I'm very angry at Scott Allie from long time ago. I'm 100% sure that Scott Allie is a Spike-hater. Spike has completely disappeared from Buffy's life, he wasn't mention at all, except the short cameo in her dream... after that he was erased from the plot as he never exited before – Buffy even didn't mention a word for the man who gave his life for her, who fought for his soul and earned it in the name of their love, the man who gave her a strength to continue to fight against First Evil in the moment when her Scooby "friends" abandoned her, even her own sister kicked her out of her own home... Who was the man who hugged her and comforted her then?! Who was the man who fought side by side with her and sacrificed himself in the battle with the First Evil?! That man has been totally forgotten on Buffy season 8... that's sad and that's wrong! And Mr. Allie has posted only disgusting comments about Spike on his back pages called that awesome character "Disgusting, mass-murdering, raping sociopath Spike" (see the back pages of issue 4) And in an interview about Satsu/Buffy relationship he said that's relationship is more appropriate than her self-destructing relationship with Spike... and Satsu's line "That was the best night of my life" absolutely mocking with Spike's brilliant line on season 7... So tell me again that S. Allie is not a spike-hater...
Buffyfanatic, I'm a huge Spuffy fan and it wasn't pleasant for to see Angel and Buffy kissing again. Mr. Whedon and Mr. Allie totally forgot about Spike/Buffy love story which was one of the best storylines on the show and it was a true love by my opinion. I'm not against Bangel, I even liked them in the beginning – that was Buffy's first love - well bit naive hight-school romance, and they both moved on. I love Angel with Cody more! Buffy and Spike, Cordy and Angel – they were the real soulmates. As I said I'm not a Bangel fan, but I do love Angel. He's my second favorite character on the both shows. And I love him as a champion as a hero who helps to the helpless not as a Big Bad again. Making Angel evil again (mass murdering psychopath!) will ruined his awesome character... I prefer to see Angel on IDW comic series with his team, as a champion and far away from Buffy. I'd like Buffy ends up with Spike one day, but with the hero Spike not with the Spike-villain, but I'm doubt that Allie will allow that. As I said above he totally ignored that character...
So I'm pissed at Scott Allie and his team!
I'm disappointed and I'm done with Buffy. I'm going to buy only the comics with my favorite hero - SPIKE! Only Spike can make me to spend my money and my time for the Whedon stuff. And I hope IDW will continue with their Angel's comics...

Skytteflickan88 said...

I can't remember him saying that he hates Spike(even tough a lot of people overreacted about a certain comment a while agi, if I remember correctly). Not that I've read everything he's ever said, but I doubt a editor would be dumb enough to use the strong word "hate" for a character his company might use some day.

I checked the back pages of issue 4, and Allie says nothing about Spike, but there's a fan who wrote strong opinions about Spike there, among them that Spike's a mass-murdering rapist (which, let's face it, he was when he didn't have a soul or chip, no matter how nice he later treated Buffy).

You have the right to want Spike with Buffy, but just because Joss (remember, it's he that has the power, not Scott) chooses to not use Spike that much (other than in one panel in issue 3 or 4) doesn't mean they've forgotten about Spike or think he's not a interesting character anymore.

Personally, I'm actually glad that Spike's over at IDW, because we get to see him a lot more there, and soon he will be a main character for his own series, something he probably never would have gotten at Dark Horse. It would be nice if Spike was mentioned in Season 8 tough, but let's face it, they have limited space in this comics, and they can't write about everything or everyone that matters.

I hope you change your mind about reading season 8, because at least to me, Buffy is worth watching/reading with or without Spike, even tough he's my favorite character.

Veiriti said...

Skytteflickan88, that disgusting comment was written by some "fan" named Shawler – but why Allie has posting comments which bashing the characters in such a way?! That's not professional at all... And I didn't read any one good comment about Spike on his back pages…
And I can’t wait for the Spike's solo series. I’m happy that he takes his solo series – HE TOTALLY DESERVES IT!!! Spike After The Fall, Spike Asylum and Shadow puppets take the first places in my collection beside of my two 12 inch Spike sideshow figures. (I have got and Buffy Prophesy girl figure as well).
But I'd like Spike to be mentioned on Buffy S 8... only in few words… only one panel would be enough... I can't agree that their place is limited and Spike isn’t everyone... he was one of the main characters on Buffy... Lot's of the secondary characters made appearance - Ethan Rain, Amy The rat (I was forgot about her and now she is one of the regular characters …) , Harmony, Kennedy, Riley, Oz... Angel made appearance 2 times, but not Spike. Buffy didn't say any word of gratitude for the man who died for her, even she didn't shed a tear for his sacrifice… as he never excised before! That’s bother me...
Yeah, I love Spike more on IDW comics – the stories are better, the art is awesome (I'm a huge fan of Urru's art!) in comparison with Buffy's art – I love Jo Chen cover art, but not Jeanty's. It would be better Chen to make and the art inside... But maybe I'll continue to read the comics because of Angel – I'd like to know what will happen to him... Actually I'm happy that Spike's not Twilight, seeing the cover of issue 33 I was thinking that he is... I would die if see Spike evil again!

Skytteflickan88 said...

Why assume Scott Allie hates Spike, just because he chooses a letter that has negative views of Spike? There could be other reasons for that. Maybe he wanted variety, and thought it would be unprofesional to not post negative letters.

"Buffy didn't say any word of gratitude for the man who died for her, even she didn't shed a tear for his sacrifice… as he never excised before! That’s bother me... "
I hear what's you're saying, but from a storytelling point of view, how much fun is it to see Buffy be grateful and cry? There wouldn't be room to remember every important character. And all the characters you mentioned, Harmony, Riley, Oz, Amy and Kennedy meant something for the story and they were used to make the story go forward. To have Spike pop up for a few panels or issues like those characters would take co-working from IDW(like the other characters didn't need), and since it's Spike, a beloved character and Buffy's love interest, it can't be done easily, since there would have to be a chance for Buffy to find out he's alive, meet him and there would be drama, and Angel would probably need to be mentioned. That alone would take up half a issue to be satisfying, and since we already spent too much time from the main story (there has been one shots that, even tough entertaining, kept us from the main story line). I'm not sure that would be smart to do. A mention is fine, and to be honest, a one shot with Spike would have been more enjoyable than a one shot with Harmony, Andrew or Satsu/Kennedy, which is what we got, but those issues were needed to give the story some new angles. But that's just my opinion. I would like at least a 10 issue "mini" series about the Buffy/Angel/Spike triangle, to get some closure(even tough a part of me is so tired of both Bangel and Spuffy by now).

If Spike appeared for real, not in a dream sequence or in "the past" like with Angel, it would be a big deal, and I'm not sure there's room in season 8 for that. Maybe season 9.

Xane said...

Love this! Very funny and cool. I stopped reading the Buffy comics a while ago, but since I still read Angel I'm a little worried about what this might mean for his character. I don't really believe that Angel is Twilight. Probably Angelus, a bot, or a Glamour.
Still grossed out by the Bangel smooches though, just a visceral reaction for me. Blech.

DanielW said...

If it is Angel... then what's his plan?

Could it be to get the mystical back underground?
There's a lot of nasty stuff that could be (a) really dangerous in the wrong hands (especially people who are just "experimenting") (b) deleterious to one's sanity (how many apocalypses did Angel personally prevent?)

Having Vamps as common knowledge, once the glamour wears off, could be a good thing for people "knowing is half the battle" and all that.

nmcil said...

I personally hope that the final phase of Buffy Season Eight and the Twilight arc will take us back to the theme and questions regarding Angel/Angelus and his connections with W&H and The Senior Partners, that question that followed Angel/Angelus in LA -What would be his role in the big Mother Apocalypse. Plus we still have the question about Connor The Destroyer that was part of his birth and Holtz arc.

Angel making the choice to take on The Black Thorn and sending all of LA into a hell dimension, was not the apocalypse, least I don't think it was, that has been part of his story since LA. So I'm hoping that this will be resolved, or at least developed with the finale of Season Eight.

Just would like to point out that Angel/Angelus is depicted in his Sunnydale era shirt - not as Twilight.


nmcil said...

BTW - just wanted to come back and say "Great Cover"

I so very excited about Spike having some alone time with a series - and I am also very excited to see what Joss Whedon has to say about the current state of his Buffyverse saga.

PS - I just got my copy of Issue 28 Variant New Year Issue - I LOVE It
I am a big fan of Spike and what IDW has done with the character. Look forward to the new work from Mr. Lynch.

Anonymous said...




Awesome art and Spike. I am a happy girl

Anonymous said...

Man get over it. The shows are over !!! The shows have been over for seven and five years. I could care less if Buffy ends up either Spike or Angel at this point. I follow Spike and whoever ends up with as long as he is happy, and Angel is happy who cares. Buffy can just rob banks at this point forever. Really because as much drama that follows those three, I don't see why Spike and Angel just give up chicks, because least with a guy you can drunk and fight it out, then it will be over

Anonymous said...

Sorry, not a fan of Brian Lynch. He writes Spike as a one-note "Angel-loving weakling".
They pretty much turned Spike from a powerful souled warrior that always rages against the established order/fights against overwhelming odds/understands that everyone can be defeated into a placid, content to go with the flow, take orders from Angel's minions, just all around deadbeat.
I don't hold much hope for this new series, where you can be sure that whatever Spike will do, in the end it won't really matter. He can stop as many pseudo-apocalypses as he wants that might make him believe he matters. He doesn't, what jesusAngel does is the only thing that matters...BULLSHIT.


Skytteflickan88 said...

Bard, the dude saves people. Sure, you're right that he's not as independent as before, but he sure does matter to the people he saves. But yeah, Angel is The Guy, The Championest of champions. Because the show and comics where named after him.

Anonymous said...

Sky, it's Brad.
And no i disagree, there is nothing that special about Angel that makes him any better then Spike, hell i could give a dozen of reasons why the reverse is true.
"The Championest of champions.", are you serious?
He's done terrible and disgusting things, with or without a soul. Yet idw's comics are probaly the worst, i think i saw it mentioned in an intresting way. Yeah, it was "Angel's mistakes are constantly glorified."
And i'm definitely sick and tired of Spike being made to look bad to make Angel look good.
And as the previous poster mentioned, the show has long been over. Spike spent a lot more development and meaningful role on Buffy. He was only on Angel for 1 season, hardly makes sense since they've been keeping Spike as Angel's pathetic sidekick for the last 5 years.


Skytteflickan88 said...

I misspelled, my bad.

And I'm not sure you got what I meant, and I probably misunderstood you too. You were saying that Spike didn't matter, that his character development was going no where, and I disgreed.

And yes, Angel is the championest of champions, just like I said. It got nothing to do with Spike, Angel is just seen, by many fans and other charcaters, as the NR 1 champion, the championest of champions (I know that's not proper English).

He's the vamp who first got his soul, he worked for good longer than Spike, he's the one that will/did shanshu and he acts like a champion. That makes him the championest of champions(which I said to reflect his status in the Angelverse, not because I think he deserves it). But that's not the main point of my reply. You made it sound like Spike didn't matter, and I disagreed. I understand if you think him being the "sidekick" sucks, but when someone says that my favorite character doesn't matter, I have to disagree.

Btw, I loathe Angel. He's done things (with a soul, I don't blame him for what he did when he didn't have it) that makes him very unlikeable to me.

In comparison, Spike is the angel, pun intended (even tough he's ocassionally a jerk too).

Anonymous said...

No problem.

Actually i was being sarcastic in my rant about Spike not mattering. He's also my favorite character, that's why i'm so angry at the treatment of the character.

Still disagree about Angel being the nr1 champion.

"He's the vamp who first got his soul"

By pissing off the wrong person, he had absolutely no desire in getting the soul.

"he worked for good longer than Spike"

After he received his soul, he still tried for 2-4years to get back to his evil self and rejoined the gang. And he killed who knows how many people that he deemed ok to kill.
Not the mention the fact that he often falls off the "good" boat by losing his soul or as in season 5 with his soul perfectly intact willing to start an apocalpse and sacraficing innocent people for HIS cause. And he didn't fight for good until long after he got a soul, first he wasted almost a 100y brooding and looking down on humanity.

"he's the one that will/did shanshu and he acts like a champion."

Shanshu is total utter bullshit, i refuse to believe that the world's survival rests on this loser vampire's choices.
And i have no doubt that the real Spike would dust Angel if he truelly believed that he was going to bring about the end of times.
But that's typical idw's treatment of Spike, make him look as a incompetent weakling.

"That makes him the championest of champions(which I said to reflect his status in the Angelverse"

Might be true in his own little universe, Spike however is from the Buffyverse and there in Angel is just another vampire with a soul. The shanshu bullshit first came forward on Angel's show.


Brian Lynch said...

Bard-Brad should co-write the SPIKE series with me.

nmcil said...

I was hoping for a little more Spike love and respect with the latest writer, but if what this treatment suggests, and I sincerely hope that I am wrong, looks like Spike is going to continue getting the "comic relief" treatment -

Dear Mr. Lynch, if you are out there and happen to check out the comments - PLEASE PLEASE give Spike some of the respect and dignity that his journey and struggle over at Sunnydale should afford the character.

And about Angel/Angelus - I am still trying very hard to understand why this character is given so much praise and commendations. His suicidal Grand Stand Play that sent the city of LA into a hell dimension was a total catastrophe and it was only by the most good fortune and work from Wesley and the loyalty of his fellow compatriots that all those people were saved. Why he is THE BIG HERO, I am still trying to figure out.

Don't get me wrong, I love Angel the Series, I love reading the comics but I don't understand the treatment and huge respect that the character is afforded.

Kaz said...

Brian has been one of the best writers we've ever had for Spike, imho. He writes Spike as a multi-layered, complicated character and I've every faith that in his new adventures, Spike will step out from Angel's shadow and find his own direction.

Must say though, I don't think Spike is working well as a member of the ensemble cast, presently. In #28 he was the comedy relief, a self centered jerk whose ideas for being a leader seemed pretty stupid. It's too early to tell whether this is Bill's take on the character or not, so I think that I can be patient for quite a while longer. I'm grateful for IDW's development of Spike as a solo character.

I'm in awe of Franco's art and highly relieved that Spike is not Twilight.

Anonymous said...

Nmcil, i wouldn't count on any better treatment of Spike.
The last issue he was being led by not even Angel but Angel's spawn. And pretty much everyone in the group ignored him because he doesn't matter.
In the boys and their toys arc, he was again the annoying little brother and lesser of the two as he's always portrayed. Oh how the mighty have fallen.
That's why i believe this new series won't matter, idw is unwilling to take risks/change anything huge about Spike.
They have him learn, experience new things but as soon as he's back in an Angel title, he conveniently forgets about it all. Everytime they put him back in an Angel title, the Spike character is reduced back to zero.
But don't worry Spike isn't too far from Angel, Vegas is just a short ride away. So Spike can pop in from time to time in the Angel series so he can be ridiculed some more, make everyone laugh as the comic relief and then he'll be off again "pretending" to be some hero in Vegas. Silly vampire, only angel's actions really matter.

Ditto about Angel/us. I don't believe for a second that angel fans need to worry about him being made an enemy as Twilight. Because the writers always find another way to "redeem" him. It's really disturbing to me that such a disgusting person gets so many undeserved second chances.
And now the douche is also the main villian of the Buffy series, geeze talk about overexposure.

Anonymous said...

Above post was mine.


Veiriti said...

First I'd like to say, I'm a huge fan of Brian Lynch and I love his works and how he's doing Spike's character and I can't wait for the outgoing Spike's series! I really have no patience – I need my Spike-fix after that damn Bangel kiss! LOL
I loved Angel ATF and I don't see any problem Spike to be Angel's sidekick - I'm and a Spangel fan as well I love these two boys together (not exacly in that way LOL).
But I agree with Brat as well. I love Angel – he's a champion, but Spike is way better than him. Angel was forced with his soul – it was a curse to him. Without a soul Angel is nothing more than a monster and he didn't want to have it back. From the other side Spike was able to love even without a soul (and even without a chip – he has loved Dru and took a care for her) With or without a soul Spike always was a loyal ally and Buffy believed in him more than she believed in Angel... so Buffy had chosen him for her champion in the end, not Angel. "Spike is in my heart now."
I have only one note to Brian – why Spike should turn to Angel (issues 26-27 – sorry about the spoiler!) to remember his love to Buffy? Spike loves her more than Angel – as I said above – he fought for his soul, passed thru a demon trial to be a better and worthy man for her..."to be forgiven and to be loved" (The brilliant Church scene S7- Beneath you) What Angel did to resolve his "soul problem"? Left her for her own good. Very typical for most men... ;) And why Angel didn't fried his champion's a** to stop the First Evil. As Spike said he abandoned the woman who clamed to love. (Again!) Spike stepped into the fire and literary burned for her without a reservation! I think the IDW and Dark Horse writers don't have to forget that. Spike is the better man for Buffy – he loved "the best and the worst" of her.
And I have few thoughts about Angel being Twilight:
1. Twilight is a mass murdering sociopath (using the words of that git Shawler but they are true in this case)- he and his organization killed a lot of people.
2. Twilight hates the magic and all slayers's kind and wants to destroy them.
3. Twilight is chasing for Buffy and had hurt her badly into the cemetery.
4. Twilight destroyed Buffy's castle in Scotland killing some of her crew.
5. Twilight is killing even his own people - he killed the man who said -"Spike" (Why?????)
6. Twilight killed half of Buffy's crew in Tibet and captured the other half.
Ok, replace the name "Twilight" with "Angel" - it doesn't sound good for our champion, does it?
And what about Spike when he finds out that Angel is a villain again? Will he seat and watch how he's killing people and hurting Buffy again? I don't think so...
There are some enigmatic quotes between Spike and Angel on the end of Angel ATF (that was brilliant conversation between Spike and Angel – Thanks Brian!):
Spike: "Yes, don't worry if and when the times that you do try to tip the balance between good and evil in the favor of whatever side I’m not, I will absolutely kill you, no problem. "
Angel: "What to hell were you talking about?"
So that Bangel kiss is meaning nothing for me! In the end of season 2 Buffy has kissed Angel and then she sent him to hell. In the end of season 7 Buffy has kissed Angel and she has spent the night with Spike... So, I'm happy that Spike is not Twilight and I'm still up for a Spuffy happy ending!

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with anon above. I think BL is doing a bang up job on Spike. I'm as Spuffy as the next man but he has really captured the essence of the character in my opinion. Spike isn't prefect but he continues to try and do the right and he rarely gets a reward for it. There's not big reward waiting on him but he continues to fight the good fight. I kind of wish Brian had been a writer on the series. Brian is a Spike fan, he's just taking him through a journey. Trust him. As far as the Angel stuff on DH, I find it disgusting and wish they wouldnt' go there but I'm lukewarm on S8 anyway. I buy the books just to support Joss but that series is a mess. Even though I'm a Spuffy, I'm glad Spike isn't being ruined over there like so many of my favorites. Thank you guys for the new Spike series. Now bring back Tok, Beck and Betta.

Andrea said...

Thank You for the content. Wow, itz nice. He is Twilight. Great. Love it!

nmcil said...

The timelines are really being played with between Buffy Season Eight and the LA Hell Timelines - And Angel/Angelus/Twilight not remembering Andrew's name, but he does know him, suggest ( unless it is a total red herring) that Twilight's timeline is different from either LA HELL and Buffy's current timeline. Plus Fray's timeline has also to be reconciled. It's all pretty much up in the air, just like Buffy, Willow and Twilight - plus Fray.

I think that we will just have to wait on how Willingham is going to treat Spike in his phase - I personally would love to have an independent Spike back - I don't believe that the "tabula rasa" particularly applies to Spike - not in the sense that his comments to Angel/Angelus suggest. While he may have been motivated by his powerful emotions and his vampire demon - the very fact that he had the capacity to choose how he reacts to changes in his life, IMVHO, cancels out Spike's very words. Spike and his journey of transformation, I believe, have written in the words and deeds himself - Spike is his own self-created man - his voluntary choice and free will at the caves in Africa are his "new or fresh start."

Just like Buffy in her Season Eight, Spike too should be given the "right" to finally grow up and be totally independent from any "needed ties" to Angel/Angelus - they have both earned it and deserve to finally be independent from that history. Not to forget or turn away from that life, but they don't have to always have to go back there either.

And on all the speculation about Spike being put into another romantic relationship with this Beck character - The love that he showed for Buffy in the series would suggest that it is much to soon for another romantic connection - that kind of love does "Not Fade Away" this soon. It's really time for Spike to be alone and develop as a man and vamp without anymore love connections. I think that the majority of his fans would really like some Spike alone time. If the love and relationship between Buffy and Spike is not going to be addressed in Buffy Season Eight, Spike really needs to be by himself for now.