Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Positive press

Various events on the Internet this week have conspired to keep me from my daily updating of the blog, so I'm catching up here with various IDW mentions and reviews.

At Shock Till You Drop, Brea Grant, co-writer of the upcoming 1920s zombie tale WE WILL BURY YOU, talks about the series.

At Comic Attack, artist J.K. Woodward talks all about the FALLEN ANGEL: REBORN TPB (in stores today).

WEEKLY WORLD NEWS #1, also in stores today, gets a nice little write-up by Graham Cracker Comics and also at Pendragon's Post, where the review says, among other things:
All in all I highly recommend this book. It’s a fun read, and let’s face it, we could all use a fun read in our stacks after reading Blackest Night. If you’re a fan of the old magazine, it’s a creative way to revisit it, and if you’re not, you may find yourself reading this and thinking, “Wow, they actually printed this stuff as news?” Either way, you’ll have a good time.

And then a couple ANGEL-related pieces: one a Q&A with me at Whedonesque, and
Buffyfest talks about Why IDW's Angel Comics Matter.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to the interview with JK! I hope you checked out the trade- it's awesome!!


Danforth said...

How's about Hutch doing some incentive covers for We Will Bury You? I reckon he could take his Soviet propogands styles over to 20s Art Deco very nicely...