Friday, May 2, 2008

To Be Continued...

I know Howard Stern says terrestrial radio is a dying medium, but hell, people say that about comics, too. Put the two together and what do you get? You get me, evidently. The hosts of a radio show in Philadelphia, To Be Continued... with Sohaib and Stuart, asked me to come on their show recently and talk comics. We talked a bit last week, and then I recorded a 20-minute segment for their show today. It airs on Sundays, and is aired in a few markets on the East Coast (right now, but we're gonna change that!) and online, too, at WNJC online.

It went well, and both guys are really well-versed in comics and in IDW's output. I'm actually going to be a monthly correspondent for the show, and we'll do a live call-in segment on Sunday the 18th. They'll be broadcasting live from WizardWorld Philly in a few weeks, too, and I might be making an announcement or two live on their show during that con.

So feel free to check out the show at the above link, or the general radio station Web site link here: To Be Continued... web site. Either place can get you to audio for the show after it airs. And if you're in the Philly area and hear the show live, call in and hang out with us, too.

Update 5/4/08: I got an e-mail from Sohaib, one of the co-hosts on the show, informing me that my interview had some technical difficulties, so it didn't air tonight. But I'll beyond live in a couple weeks so we can rectify that, anyway.