Monday, May 19, 2008

IDW's new releases for May 21, 2008

Angel: After the Fall #1 [Director's Cut]
CSI: Demon House digest
CSI: Dominos digest
Dead, She Said #1
Finding Peace
Igor: Movie Prequel #1
Locke & Key #4 - 2nd Printing
Prisoner of the Stars
Star Trek: Assignment Earth #1
Tank Girl: Visions of Booga #1
Zombies: Hunters #1

It's a nice week of releases this week, if I do say so m'self. The ANGEL issue is a squarebound book with nice foil-stamping on the cover (not visible in the all-new cover image above) and Brian's fully annotated script inside, the Niles/Wrightson DEAD, SHE SAID launches, and so does the IGOR movie prequel (funny in a good, all-ages Tim Burton-esque way), John Byrne's "Gary Seven" STAR TREK miniseries, a new Tank Girl series (Ash on covers, Rufus Dayglo on interiors--one interior page is posted above, too), Don Figueroa doing ZOMBIES, and two graphic novels, too. should have 5-page previews of all the new books up in the next day or so, too.


Synapse said...

Chris, why aren't there any more 5-page previews at IDW's website? :(

Chris Ryall said...

There will be again. The entire site's going to get a full, better makeover in the next couple months.

DanielW said...

Does that include the Forum, just out of curiosity?

ANYWAY - looking forwards to Assignment: Earth and possibly the Angel one (as if I don't ALREADY give enough money to IDW).

And, looking to the future - when is the Beast Wars: Sourcebook trade coming out?

AND finally, some praise for a certain comic line:

LOVE the Doctor Who story.

Getting Gary to write it was perfect.
The different art in each story is a brilliant idea, it emulates the different "feel" of individual episodes that come from a different director and set designer.
The dialogue sparkles.
The plot intrigues.
Roche's covers are amazing (who do I have to bribe to get him back on internals as well after Pia's done her magic?).

And will the writer of All Hail Megatron get his chance to write Doctor Who? (ideally with another enthusatic Aussie helping out with the writing ;) ).

Chris Ryall said...


BW Sourcebook is end of the month, I think. Can't recall from out of town, where I am now, but I posted the release date elsewhere here when someone asked.

And Shane and Nick will both likely stick to TFs for a while, with all the work they have coming up on those titles.

Corey said...

I'm sure I missed an interview or preview or trailer somewhere but what's the dealio with Prisoner of the Stars? I haven't heard much about it.

Chris Ryall said...

>I'm sure I missed an interview or preview or trailer somewhere but what's the dealio with Prisoner of the Stars? I haven't heard much about it.

A little late to reply here, but it's a standalone sci-fi graphic novel (8-1/2" x 11"), reprinting a story by acclaimed Spanish creator Alfonso Font in English for the first time.

"On a planet condemned by a scorching sun, mankind lives in overpopulated cities underground. Only the disinherited are forced to survive on the inhospitable surface; they are called the 'outer ones.' This is the story of a beautiful woman, full of life, who joins forces with an escaped rebel in a desperate attempt to reach salvation in the legendary place called the 'City of Domes.' Their odyssey, however, is controlled by mysterious beings linked to the power of the 'Mega,' an entity who is much closer than they imagine."

Corey said...

Hi Chris,

I haven't been to the shop for yesterday's releases yet, so not too late at all. Thank you for the info. Always glad to see comics imported. I will look for this one.

Anonymous said...

I loved the graphic novel by Alfonso Font. I wish IDW gets more of his books to us in the USA. And other euro titles. One of the best artists ever. Taxi and Jon Rohner would be nice books to print by him.

I also appreciate the size of the book, no shrinking down on the format , therefore it was a joy to read and look at the panels.

9/10 stars

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