Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wired Hangers

When our April solicits were released last week, among a few other new titles was Alan Robert's WIRE HANGERS series. Alan, a founding member of Life of Agony and the lead singer/guitarist of Spoiler NYC, has gotten all kinds of good advance press for this comic in music magazines, Web sites, and elsewhere. And now, add AMC to that list, too. recently ran a piece about WIRE HANGERS and other horror comics developed by musicians:
Horror Comics Get the Rock Star Treatment

To show a bit more of the art for the coming series, here're two covers for issue 2, one from cover artist Nelson, the other from Robert himself (Alan's writing, drawing and coloring every issue himself).

And here's a teaser/behind-the-scenes look at Alan and the comic, set to his own music, too:

And stay tuned for a contest that could see your face land on the variant cover for issue 1...

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