Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"First Night" first look

I know Perez Hilton seems to have made a career (such that it is) out of badly Photoshopping images, but I'm still a little embarrassed by my quick censor-job here. Still, I wanted to show this image, and there was one character on it that needs to stay under wraps for now, hence the hack job I did over artist Rebecca Wrigley's great art.

This is the combined cover art for Angel 6 and 7 ("First Night," part 1 and 2). This is our little "stories-within-the-story" that gives brings you back to the first night of ANGEL: AFTER THE FALL. These issues will feature art from folks like John Byrne, Sean Galloway, David Messina, Nick Runge, and others, and look at what happened to characters like the people you see pictured here, right at the conclusion of Angel Season Five's finale. The comics are coming in April and May, but a cover this nice can't stay under wraps that long, so here y'go (by the way, don't read anything into the "club foot" the mysterious figure seems to have here--that's not a clue who it is, it's just shoddy work on my part. But otherwise, have fun guessing).

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PatShand said...

As I may have said on the IDW forums.... amazing cover. My guess for mystery man is Lindsey. I would have originally guessed Eve, as her story was never concluded in "Not Fade Away," but I don't think an appearance from her would be a big enough deal to keep a secret. And since Brian said that THIS mystery man isn't the same mystery man from Franco's #5 cover--which I am convinced is Groo--I'm thinking we've got Lindsey in "First Night."