Sunday, January 27, 2008

This comic's bigger on the inside

A very advance look at DOCTOR WHO #5's cover, by Nick Roche and Charlie Kirchoff. I say "very" because issue 1 ran late and is now launching in mid-late February, but 2 is done, 3 is being colored, and 4 is in the works now, so we're all finally ready to roll. Charlie, the colorist here, is also the guy redoing all the Dave Gibbons WHO art in our DOCTOR WHO CLASSICS (out now; issue 1 is totally sold out, however) series. He knows and loves his WHO, as evidenced by the work he's doing on both series.


Anonymous said...

I love that cover. It really gives a nice desired effect, like it's friggin shattering your mind!

Mark Kardwell said...

I praised Charlie's work colouring Dave Gibbon's work on CLASSICS last week on my blog, and I'll reiterate that here. He's done a great job.