Tuesday, September 16, 2008

All Hail Trevor

TRANSFORMERS: ALL HAIL MEGATRON #3 comes out tomorrow (hope our message board is ready). And since there's already a 5-page preview of the issue posted elsewhere on the 'net, let me instead show off variant cover artist Trevor Hutchison's latest in a series of amazing images, the cover for issue 7:


Anonymous said...

let me geuss-
optimus gets killed AGAIN

he's becoming like waspinator the more the g1 storys progress

Anonymous said...

Man, even if I didn't like the Transformers series, I'd still get the All Hail Megatron books just for those propaganda-esque covers. Luckily the insides are just as great!

Unknown said...

I am really tired of the constant "let's kick the crap outta Optimus Prime stick" you guys seem to be on. It's getting extremely old, he's supposed to be the Autobots greatest warrior, when are we going to see him starting to kick ass and take names instead of constantly being pummelled like Megatron's bitch?

Anonymous said...

Seriously, stop making Prime weaker than Megatron. Remember G1? Prime was at least EQUAL or superior as compared to Megatron. Ever since Armada, Prime has, for some reason, become wimpy and weak. I mean, Armada/Energon/Cybertron Optimus all had to rely on power-up modes to put up some fight, while Movie Optimus got his ass handed to him by Megatron.

Anonymous said...

partholon here.

no disrespect to guido (who's making this tough by the way :) ) im glad i stuck with the trevor covers.

man its sweet. stark but understated. love it.

Sslaxx said...

Not any more Scott. Prime has been Megatron's bitch since A-E-C and will almost certainly stay that way now. Pity.

Unknown said...

Yeah I have to admit how retarded it is too see Prime constantly getting owned by Megs. I seem to recall reading a certain Prime tech spec card (G1) that mentioned he was the strongest Autobot and such. If he's their best they should have lost the war a long time agio the way everyone seems to write Prime. NO ONE ever gets him right. It's like they put him out of commission because no one knows either A) What to do with him or B) how to handle him. It's sad, Ryall, get some new writers, ones that actually know the G1 stuff because this guy and Furman have no clue what they are doing. (Although this guy you have on AHM is better than Furman).

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