Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Spotlight on Grimlock

The cover to the coming TRANSFORMERS SPOTLIGHT, VOL. 3 TPB, featuring the unused and very cool Marcelo Matere Grimmer image. Due in mid-September.


DanielW said...

Him Grimlock - BADASS!
Love that cover. Loved it on the comic, loving it on the trade.

I'll definitely be buying this trade, although I like my Spotlights as individual issues.

Spotlights Arcee, Grimlock, Blaster and Wheelie all rocked (and the ideas in Spotlight:Mirage were good too).

Michael said...

I BLOODY HATE SEEING THE DINOBOTS WITH RED EYES!!! For that matter, I'm none too fond of those stupid teeth on both sides of Grimlock's robot mode face mask!

BigBot said...

Very Cool!

DanielW, from the IDW Cheer Squad said...

Those teeth are a little bit like an odd addition (IIRC Don did them to his War Within design for Grimlock, as a sort of "look to the future", but they've seemed to have stuck.

I like the face he had on the Maximum Dinobots preview cover. No teeth, sort of reminiscent of his old face, but also a little "Optimus-y".

Danforth said...

I'll be buying this for the content, but I can't say I'm a fan of this cover, for two reasons:

1) Robot mode Grimlock looks like an extra from the latest Wallace and Gromit;

1) Dino mode Grimlock's tongue. Legion from Kiss Players. Saying nothing more :)

Carlos said...

As long as errors in Spotlight Grimlock get fixed for the trade, I'm SO getting this :D

I guess Revelation will be collected in one TPB and then Spotlights get back to normal after that? :P


Chris Ryall said...

We did do extensive recoloring on the Grimlock story for this collection.

M said...

> We did do extensive recoloring on the Grimlock story for this collection.

Well don't keep so quiet about it! Very excited now. Who did the recolouring?

And I like Grimlock's robot mode 'teeth' personally.

Yeap, DanielW again said...

I think I'm the only person who didn't find anything wrong with the colouring in Spotlight: Grimlock.

They were fighting at dusk. At least where I am, dusk light can do all sorts of odd things to natural colouring, that's how I interpreted it.

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