Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Readers of the Lost ARK II

See what I did there?

Anyway, also out this week is the second volume of TRANSFORMERS: THE ARK. And as requested by one of this blog's readers, here's the final cover and a page from the book. (Carlos, the back cover isn't much to look at so I spared you that)


BigBot said...

A must buy!

Carlos said...

Thanks for this, Chris. You're the man (and you're still invited to next year's Granada con, don't forget that :P)

Btw, you know something, I've never been interested in GI Joe, but now that the property is in IDW's hands, I'll absolutely check it out. Know why? Well, something you said in the boards: "people can say anything about our comics but not that they're SILLY". Well, that's the main reason. While I've always been more a manga/Marvel guy, your no-nonsense books have absolutely won my loyalty. So thanks again for that, too :)



CybertronNews said...

I'll pick it up if I see it, even if I never read the other one.

Optimal III said...

Don't know if this'll get read by you Chris, but is there any chance the Ark Vol. 1 will get another printing? I made the mistake of "puuting it off till later" and now can't find a copy anywhere.

Also thanks for the great work you and your people at IDW have been doing with Transformers. There's never been a better time to be a fan.

Carlos said...

Optimal iii,
you can get your copy from Amazon.

Anonymous said...

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