Friday, July 11, 2008

Spotlight on Casey

A few weeks ago, I posted a retailer-exclusive cover for yesterday's TRANSFORMERS: ALL HAIL MEGATRON #1. It was U.K. retailer Apocalypse Comics' variant that recreated Brian Bolland's classic THE KILLING JOKE image. That cover, by artist Casey Coller, looked like this:

Based on the quality of Casey's work there, we signed him on for a special Spotlight issue written by AHM's Shane McCarthy. Who is it? Well, the image above is the only hint I'm giving here. But if you want to know before we talk it up at Comic-Con in two weeks, there's another way. Mario at Apocalypse Comics included Casey as a special guest at the London Film and Comic Con next weekend. Just click the link--there's an amazing array of guests from film, TV and now comics, too. Casey will be announcing the book there and showing some of his kick-ass pages from it (coming in December), too.


CybertronNews said...

Sounds cool. Can't wait to see.

jamie said...

that's well cool,as i'm going to be heading there,as we do every year.
it really is a great show,although the 'comics' part of the LONDON FILM AND COMIC CON' is always a little under-served.
still,jason and his crew do an amazing job and this years event looks to be as good as previous events.

DanielW said...


Not ONLY does someone who's a bloody good artist is getting a Spotlight, but we the fans are getting more Spotlights too (the most consistently good, and enjoyable stories from IDW in the TF range IMO)

Looks like a Decepticon.
Maybe Thundercracker?

glovestudios said...

That's f-in awesome for Casey!

Congratulations, man!

SigmaCore said...

Sounds very nice indeed. And that preview images... Mixmaster?

Chris Ryall said...

Let's hear some more guesses... so far, no one's nailed who it is!

DanielW said...

The eyes are blue - which USUALLY indicates an Autobot.

That head - looks like a Headmaster head I think. Highbrow perhaps?

Ideally, we need more Decepticon Spotlights. It looks a little like Devastator. I'd LOVE to see Spotlight: Devastator.

Could be Percy (Perceptor) I suppose

(a Spotlight adaptation of the Mosaic "Genius"? That'd be VERY cool. I'll have to check with the author of that story if it'd be okay for IDW to adapt it ...
(Yes, I say it's fine :-D)).

glovestudios said...

I'm pretty sure I know who it is but I probably shouldn't be so fast to say it.

katood said...

i know its highly unlikely but i so badly want a spotlight for Red Alert, so fingers crossed :D

BigBot said...

Prima? Emirate Xaaron?

Anonymous said...

im gonna take a wild geuss and say it's either jhiaxus,primus,or maybe it could be that new character mentioned before

Yes yes yes DanielW again... said...

Maybe it's Nova Prime?
So a Golden Age of Cybertron era story?
That could be interesting.

Paul said...

Looks like Inferno to me (or Grapple...)

Chris Ryall said...

Nnnnope, no one's nailed it yet.

Cak said...

Maybe Blurr

suzie-chan said...

I think it's either Blurr or Springer...

Anonymous said...

It's Reflector

Anonymous said...

How about someone totally different, maybe rambat before becoming a cassette?

Bobby said...


That DanielW guy again said...

Blurr's helmet is more open faced IIRC.

I still reckon it's someone from the Headmaster's line.

Omegax80 said...

Maybe a Japanese character?

DanielW who argues with himself said...

Actually, I disagree with me.
Looking at the designs for Blurr, the heads are identical.

Anonymous said...

Like I said, it's reflector he says the only hint is the image above and who is Megatron Holding???? REFLECTOR!

Who's head does the one above that look like,... REFLECTOR!

Vector Magnus said...

Last Autobot.

Check my gif I made to prove it.

Vector Magnus said...

Ooops, it didn't break it, sorry ^.^"
Put it together, it will work that way.
Again, sorry...

Anonymous said...

I just saw Guido Guidi's re-designs for Blurr (I think he was supposed to show up in "All Hail Megatron"), and it's him alright :)


Anonymous said...

his head looks like defensor.

Shaun K said...

Margaret Thatcher?

Anonymous said...

It can't be Reflector, Wheelie and his alien friend blow that lot up!

Anonymous said...

I bet that it is Swindle

Anonymous said...

I've got a feeling it's Tracks. Due to the fact he's made his first IDW appearance in AHM on the last page. This Spotlight would explain where he's been.

Anonymous said...

how about prima or sentinel prime said...

Blue eyes = autobot
wide face... hm, side 'vents' on each side of helmet... hmmmm Characteristic where helmet kind of covers (or is the) nose on face... hmmmmmmmmm

I'm going to say it's Transformers Animated Dinobot (he'll always be "SLAG" to me) Snarl!

C'mon, say it's so! Don't let TFA Grimlock have all the good lines! Hot dang, I cannot wait for the Animated series!!!!

As a wise Dinobot leader might say, "More Animated stories would be more gooder! ME WANT!"

So am I right? Am I???

Anonymous said...

no,it cant be slag because he has a stumpy head yith small eyes and horns

Anonymous said...

It's got quite a look of either Grapple or Inferno.

Anonymous said...

how about prima,the first transformer?
i think a story on it would be cool

The man with no name (DanielW) said...

It's been mentioned over on the TF: Mosaic page of Deviant Art that it's Spotlight: Blurr.

I hope this bodes well for another "season" of Spotlights revolving around December (I've said it a couple of times, but I LOVE the Spotlights).

Anonymous said...

How about Metroplex.

Anonymous said...

I guess some missed the announcment that it's going to be Blurr.


Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo. Just seen the first few pages. Blurr's redesign is awesome. Love the wings on his head.

Anonymous said...

on they have the cover artwork

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