Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Typos speak volumes

Diamond's Web site, diamondcomics.com, features a comprehensive list of the new comic releases every single week. Which is nice... when the information is correct. But at times, some details slip by. Case in point: this week's second hardcover collection of the Eisner-nom'd LOCKE & KEY, HEAD GAMES, is listed at the Diamond site as "LOCKE & KEY HEAD GAMES HC VOL 01."

I suppose, in the technicality-of-all-technicalities world, someone could argue that this is the "first" collection of HEAD GAMES (first and only, since each L&K story has its own subtitle)... but the truth is, they got it wrong. It's VOLUME 2 of LOCKE & KEY this week -- as evidenced by the full covers shown above. I know the "Vol. 01" that they have listed has thrown off some people, so I just wanted to clarify that tomorrow's release is all-new -- it's LOCKE & KEY, VOL. 2: HEAD GAMES, if you want the official designation.

When reached for comment about their egregious error, a spokesperson at Diamond (okay, actually, me speaking for them but I'm pretty sure they'd say this, too) said "Oops. Our bad. Make sure you pick up the book, VOLUME 2, so you can get the full second chapter of LOCKE & KEY and all its cool new bonus features before the third series, CROWN OF SHADOWS, kicks off in November. And Good God, but wait til you see what Joe and Gabriel have done in the first issue of that series. Minds will be blown."

LOCKE & KEY VOLUME 2, in stores tomorrow.

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