Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More Lockes, more Keys

One of the bigger things we discussed at Comic-Con was the fact that Joe Hill's LOCKE & KEY will continue beyond the initial six-issue series. We're going to do 24 more issues, and then likely a concluding graphic novel as well.

Gabriel Rodriguez is back for more with the second series, LOCKE & KEY: HEAD GAMES, which starts at the end of the year. The logo for this series and subsequent series will be slightly revised, too, with a different key in each, meaning that new keys will unlock new doors in stories to come.

The con went great with Joe--it was his first time in San Diego, and he really had a good time meeting with legions of fans, signing alongside Joe, and even doing a dramatic reading of some comic pages during his panel, too. It's a great a thing for us as it is fans of the book that he's doing more, since this title is really one of my very favorite things we've ever published.

Pictured here is Gabe's cover for HEAD GAMES #1.

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