Sunday, June 8, 2008

IDW's new releases for June 11

This is a good week for firsts and lasts for us: it’s the final issue of our latest SILENT HILL miniseries, the final chapter of ANGEL’s “First Night” story (and issue 9 shipping just one week later!), the penultimate issue of LOCKE & KEY before the full 32-page finale, and at long last, the very first LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE hardcover collection, maybe the most attractive package we’ve ever produced here.

I’m off in NYC all week so the daily updates might be a bit harder to keep up with but I’ll do me humble best. Until, our new releases this week:

Angel: After the Fall #8
Little Orphan Annie, Vol. 1 HC
Locke & Key #5
Silent Hill: Sinner’s Reward #4

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Anonymous said...

The new Orphan Annie volume is beautiful...the line quality is excellent, and starting from the very beginning...what a treat! But I note the Sunday strips aren't included in continuity. Gray carried out one of the most amazing feats in comic strip history when he formulated his story so it could be read in continuity with dailies only or with Sundays. I hope the plan is to include the Sundays in later volumes, but kudos for undertaking such an ambitious and long needed project!