Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pre-Comic-Con sketch teaser

Hmm--this looks suspiciously superhero-like. But I thought IDW has always maintained that we don't do superhero comics, so...?

Should be a fun con. Speaking of, here's early word on a couple of panels we're doing at the show next month:

<<Friday 4:00–5:00 PM All Hail the Transformers—TF Editor Denton Tipton hosts a panel of Transformers creators including writers Shane McCarthy (All Hail Megatron), Chris Mowry (The Reign of Starscream), Marty Isenberg (TF Animated), artists Alex Milne (The Reign of Starscream), Marcelo Matere (TF Animated) and more. Advance art, surprise announcements and pints of Energon all around! Room 2>>

<<Saturday 11:00–12:00 PM IDW Publishing: Ideas and Dreams 2008—IDW Publisher Chris Ryall presides over a superstar panel including writer/Con Guest of Honor Joe Hill and artist Gabriel Rodriguez (Locke & Key), Ben Templesmith (Welcome to Hoxford), Darwyn Cooke (announcing a surprise new project and offering up an exclusive signature card available only at this panel), writers Brian Lynch (Angel: After the Fall), Steve Niles (Epilogue), Rick Remender (Legion of the Supernatural), IDW Special Projects editor Scott Dunbier, and more! And they all guarantee at least a few surprise announcements of things to come! Room 3>>