Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Coming up NEXT

Being approved to print this week is volume one of the COMPLEAT JOHN BYRNE'S NEXT MEN. This book, released in the early '90s, was one of the best things John's ever done, I think. When it came out, much of the industry was imploding under forced gimmicks and contrived marketing hooks, but John just did what he does so well, provided solid superheroic entertainment. I've long wanted to see these comics back in print, so it's great to be able to actually facilitate that.

The first volume, presented "Essentials"-style, will be over 450 pages of story and art for $19.99. Coming this May, it'll include the complete 2112 graphic novel (sorry, Rush fans, that's not a story about a guy who discovers a guitar in a post-apocalyptic world), the kick-off 0 issue, and another dozen or so issues of the series (including MIV back-up strips), too, all showcasing John's amazing detailed line-art.

And yes, I DO plan to stay on John to do some new NM tales amidst all his many STAR TREK plans with us...


zriza said...

"And yes, I DO plan to stay on John to do some new NM tales amidst all his many STAR TREK plans with us..."

Cate to elaborate ???

Chris Ryall said...

Not just yet... but plans are afoot, many plans!

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming that "Essentials - style" and "showcasing John's amazing detailed line-art" means that this will be in black and white?

I hope so!

Chris Ryall said...

"I'm assuming that "Essentials - style" and "showcasing John's amazing detailed line-art" means that this will be in black and white?"

Yeah, exactly right.

Anonymous said...

You know for someone who whines and whines about "late" books Byrne is a little bit of a hypocrite when it comes to Next men - issue 31 was solicited over a decade ago and still hasent seen print! Latest comic ever? A tad unprofessional.

Chad Carter said...

It's a good idea of IDW to reprint Next Men but what about publishing some goggle-wearing crimefighters that aren't embarrassed to stomp ass. Heroes of the 1930's and 40's, the kind that never heard of political correctness or tolerance of the weak. We need the kind of heroes that would just as soon break your knuckles as look at you and if you wanted to rumble, they would kick your intestines in! He-men not the girly-men that DC and Marvel publish.

I hope IDW pushes Byrne to start up the Danger Unlimited universe and stop whining about the low sales. We need superhero comics that have simple plots like FX, comics 5 year olds can read without hurting their brains trying to figure out why Jean Loring has her pants pulled down around her ankles!

Thanks for all your efforts, Chris. It's not easy to deal with John Byrne but it's worth it when we see the finished product. PC crybabies be damned!

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't it be "complete" and not "compleat"??

Anonymous said...

yeah thats what we need a throwback to the 1930s - people like Chad Carter with their selfish fanboyish tastes are what are keeping comics in the ghetto.

We need NEW ideas not reheated garbage from the WW2.

IDW is a GREAT publisher because we get new concepts - we do NOT need nostalgia pron for 40 year old virgins at the JBF.

Chris Ryall said...
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Chris Ryall said...

Hey, hey, no fighting at the blog... save that for message boards!

But as far as this comment, Chad:
"It's not easy to deal with John Byrne"

I couldn't disagree more. It's been extremely pleasant and fulfilling, working with him. Been very professional on both sides, and John has been consistently delivering ahead of schedule, tossing good new ideas my way, and generally being just a joy to work with. Don't let the 'net scuttlebutt fool you. I wish everyone approached work the way John does.

We'll be collecting Danger Unlimited and Babe in a later "Compleat" (John's spelling) book, too.

Sharp Brothers said...

Ohh yeah! This is going to be fantastic. We missed issues on and off of that series in on it's original run so it will be nice to finally get the whole story. What a great addition to our library.

Reprinted it in black and white will be like a lesson in strong comic art.

Anonymous said...

No Priests of the Temples of Syrinx?

Chris Ryall said...

Nope, the oracle says this is to be something different than that. Tear the temples down...

Scraplet said...

OOH, the follow up to Next Men!!! Do it Mr Ryall. You've just released years of pent up frustration that I didn't know was there at seeing mention of this!

If you dont get Byrne to do it now I might die, and could you live with that?! Eh??!

Scraplet said...

Another thought - will the reprint include '2112'as well? IIRC that was published as a seperate Graphic Novel, but tied directly into the continuity.

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