Monday, April 20, 2009

Dru sings (and writes)

At the FX con in Orlando this past weekend, actress/director Juliet Landau (Drusilla), who is co-writing ANGEL 24 and 25 with Brian Lynch, sang a couple songs at the show in between talking up her ANGEL gig and other projects. The performance is available for viewing here:

Which seems the perfect lead-in to showing the covers for her two-part story that brings Drusilla into the ANGEL universe (and features a bonus pictorial with Juliet in issue 24). Leading off will be the artist for the storyline, Franco Urru, who offered up two variations on his original SPIKE: ASYLUM cover (colors by Paolo Maddelini. The B&W lineart is available below, too):

Nick Runge is doing a cover for each issue, too:

Finally, U.K. illustrator and Juliet's friend Sam Shearon provided this special cover for issue 24, too:


Fenderlove said...

Thanks for posting the covers! They all look wonderful! :D

Malaka said...

They're awesome!

Skytteflickan88 said...

I can't believe Joss didn't make her guest appear in Once More With Feeling.

She's very good.

wyndam said...

Awesome covers!

Question though: What happened to the other cover Franco was doing, of Dru in Hell-A? It was first shown as a sketch at New York's Comic Con.

Skytteflickan88 said...

I wonder, does anyone know if Urro has a website or somewhere to contact him? I want to buy original art from him.

Malak said...


PatShand said...

Lovely work from Franco as always. His other Drusilla cover, the one with her on the Hellish building, will be a cover too, right?

Chris Ryall said...

Franco's other Dru cover is being colored right now; it'll be the A cover for issue 25.

And Skytteflickan88, e-mail me at, I can get you in touch with Franco if you want to buy any of his art.

Skytteflickan88 said...

I love you.


wyndam said...

So issue #24 will have 1 Runge cover, 1 Franco cover (asylum), and 1 Shearon cover?

And issue #25 will have 2 Franco covers (Asylum/Hell-A) and 1 cover from Runge?

PatShand said...

Wyn, I'm under the impression that the two Franco Dru covers here are both for #24. They're similar, so it would make a lot more sense that way. Sort of the exact same as Urru's two Spike covers for SPIKE: AtF #1. That's my interpretation. Either way, each cover is damn impressive.

Chris Ryall said...

"So issue #24 will have 1 Runge cover, 1 Franco cover (asylum), and 1 Shearon cover?

And issue #25 will have 2 Franco covers (Asylum/Hell-A) and 1 cover from Runge?"

Pat actually has it right--the two "asylum" Dru covers are for #24, along with the Runge cover (all offered 1-to-1. I normally don't want 3 regular covers but can't leave out one of Franco's, or Runge's, and there's a Dru photo cover and the Sam cover for incentives. So just this once, three regular covers).

ryan said...

Awesome! Can't wait for the Drusilla arc! Anyone who wants to see MY version of the #25 cover colour please look and follow my blog here:

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